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«Beaver safari»

  • Enjoy the walk and the boat trip across the virgin corners of the National park;
  • Meet beavers face to face and study all interesting facts about them from our best guides;
  • Feast your eyes on the sunset in one of the most beautiful places in Belarus.

Beavers are astonishing creatures. Do you know that a beaver dam can be the same tall as the one built by a human? Did you know that a beaver can cut down a huge tree using only its teeth? Our guides will tell you many interesting facts and stories about the biggest rodents of Belarus.  

Of course, it’s a way simpler to notice a beaver in a daylight, but in the dark it’s easier to get closer to them. If you stay calm and patient, you may see these magnificent habitants of the grounds of the national park.


  1. Meeting a guide. General information about beavers, practical training.

    To make a beaver let you get closer to it, skill and patience is necessary. Listen attentively to increase your chances on meeting these rare animals! 

  2. A short walk across beaver habitats, observation the marks of their activities.
  3. Boat trips, observation of beavers and other animals.
  4. Coming back to the camp after the sunset.

At the request of clients, the organization of a picnic is possible outside (1,5 hour).

Period of time: March-September; September-November

Duration: 3 hours

Maximum amount of participants in one group: 4 people per one guide.

For who: “Beaver safari” will fit all nature lovers over 7 years old. To take a part in it there is no need of the previous experience, because there is an instructing before the observation.

In price included:

  • Guide service;
  • Boat ride;
  • Using of the binoculars Yukon 12x50 WA;
  • Using of the lanterns

It is recommended to have: waterproof boots (rubber boots), jacket, cap, photo camera at will

Price: 84 BYN 75 BYN per one group

Preliminary reservation is needed

If you have any questions, please call: +375292262246