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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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Scientific activity

Scientific activity

Scientific-research activity of environmental organization the National park “Braslavskie ozera” is aimed at the researching of nature objects and complexes, developing and implementing of scientific methods of preserving this complexes, besides its aimed at prevention and resolving of ecological problems, performed by scientific department which is the structural division of the organization.

Scientific department counts 4 employees. Cooperative researching is conducted by scientists and specialists of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belarussian State University, industry research institutes and project organizations. There are signed contracts for creative and scientific-research cooperation with “Altai state agricultural university”, “University of Helsinki”, “Institute of genetics and cytology at The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”, scientific-engineering National unitary enterprise “Geographic information system”.

The work on realization of the project of the international technical help “The creating of the specially protected cross-border nature territory “Augshdaugava – Braslav lakes” was carried out, alongside with the forming of prerequisites for managing the whole territory” (LLB-2-258), the program of cross-border cooperation “Lithuania-Latvia-Belarus” in terms of European instrument of neighborliness and partnership, the cooperative plan of the managing Protected areas of Belarus was developed.

The main tasks of the scientific department are researching and assessment of the actual state of ecosystems, preserving biological diversity, taking part in scientific and scientific-practical conferences, publishing of the scientific works and ecological education.

Scientific-technical council of the institute coordinates the specific ways of scientific activity.

Since 2016 the implementation of the scientific-researching activity has been carried out on the topic “Researching of the actual state and forecast for the natural development of the nature ecosystems of the national park Braslavskie ozera, development of the events dedicated to their protection and stable use”. Long-term researching on the topic “Monitoring of phenomena and processes in scientific complexes of the National park Braslavskie ozera" is still active.

The priority directions of scientific activity are:

- rational use, reproduction and protection of the resources of animal world and flora, studying their biological diversity;

- providing with the functioning of the national park Braslavskie ozera as a center of the national ecological net of the Republic of Belarus;

- scientific providing of preserving natural complexes and their stable use, based on complex administration plan;

- preserving of species of wild plants and wild animals that are under extinction in conditions of natural growth /dwelling;

- restoring of key ecosystems that are habitats of rare and endangered species that currently are degrading, by realization of projects and recreation of traditional regimes of economy management;

- lowering the danger of the spread of heterogeneous aggressive species;

- increasing of the international nature-preserved status of the National park Braslavskie ozera;

- providing and developing of the functioning of the effective system of the ecosystem monitoring and the most important components of the animal world and fauna;

- creating the plan of measures on protection and practical use of historical and cultural objects;

- providing with scientific development of ecological education and tourism, based on developed ecological-touristic routes and the assessment of the extent of the anthropogenic influence and recreational capacity of the natural complexes;

- substantiation of the optimal regime of the protection of the territory of the national park and scientific expertise of the conducted economic measures;

- providing with the appropriate sanitary condition and safe epidemiological terms for the development of the touristic and recreational activity;

- development of the international cooperation in the area of scientific researching, aiming at the fulfilment of Belarussian international engagements in compliance with the international programs and conventions including the attraction of foreign investments;

- increasing of the material and methodic security of the National park scientific department, creating of the scientific collection funds;

- spread of scientific knowledge about the National park “Braslavskie ozera” both in specialized auditoriums and among general public;

- increasing the knowledge of the local population about the importance of conducting the measures of nature protection and the value of nature complexes of the National park “Braslavskie ozera”;

Researching results guarantees the scientific support for conducted measures on protection of the nature complexes in the national park, as well as monitoring and developing of the nature protection education and ecotourism.