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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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Buy license online

Buy license online

Dear fishermen! Governmental nature protection institution “Braslavskie ozera” national park offers you our new service – purchasing of the license for paid amateur fishing by the Internet.

To buy a license you should register on the site i-fish.by, fill your profile, having given the much fuller information. If you are pretending to purchase a preferential license (Braslav district citizens, pensioners, children below 16, disabled people of the 1 and 2 groups), or are going to buy a license for spear fishing, then you should give in your profile scans or photocopies affirming your ID and the presence of the documents affirming your privileges (passport with the page of the place of the registration, pension certificate, disability certificate of the 1 or 2 groups, certificate of the spearfishing, etc.).

You can pay a license both by cash (in bank, for example), and non-cash payment (with the use of your internet banking or by self-service terminal). The payment should be made within 3-hours, later your ERIP-code will be unavailable.

Also pay notice that the license bought through the site ifish.by, must be with you while fishing, printed and signed by you. The license that is in the digital memory of any device (smartphone, laptop, etc.) without the signature is not valid.

By the end of the fishing you must “close” your license. You can do it in your personal account in the section “my licenses”. To “close” it you should point the date and the place of fishing, also the amount, the weight, and type of the caught fish. In case of “not closing” the further purchasing will be not-available.

To get any precise information about the registration and other details of the license purchase you can get acquainted on the site i-fish.by in the section “FAQ”. If you have problems or other questions, please contact the support service of the site by e-mail: admin@i-fish.by.

The opportunity of purchasing the license on paid amateur fishing online at the moment is available only for the lakes of “Braslavski ozera” national park.

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