National Park «Braslavskie Ozera»


About us

National Park «Braslavkie Ozera» was established in 1995. It is located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Belarus in the vicinity of the Lithuanian and Latvian borders and cover the territory of more than 64 493, 3 square kilometers. The chief purpose of its establishment was to preserve unique natural complexes.

National Park «Braslavkie Ozera» is a jewel of Belarusian Lakeland that is carefully guarded by the state. A picturesque landscape of forest, blue spread of lakes and river valleys, meadows and marshes attract an endless flow of tourists. Good ecology of this place contribute to the development of different types and forms of tourism.

National Park «Braslavkie Ozera» performs environmental, scientific, tourism and recreation, health improving and rural activities, including forestry, hunting, agriculture, fisheries and wood processing.

Currently, State Nature Protection Institution National Park «Braslavkie Ozera» consists of several structural divisions: National Park «Braslavkiye Ozera» itself, Experimental Forest-Hunting Grounds «Braslav» and the Agricultural Farm «Urbany».

The administrative building of National Park «Braslavkie Ozera» is located in Braslav.

According to the features and value of natural complexes, the territory of the national park divided into 4 functional zones with a suitable regime of nature protection:

  1. Reserved area (zone) – 5.3% of the total area (all activities are prohibited, except scientific researches and measures protection of regime).
  2. Regulated use area (zone) – 70.1 % of the total area (limited forestry and hunting activities, established by the projects of organization in order to develop forestry and hunting facilities)
  3. Recreation Area (zone) – 4.2 % of the total area (tourism activities and placement of recreational facilities are allowed in accordance with the environmental legislation of the Republic of Belarus)
  4. Economic zone (area) – 20.4% of the total area (occupied by administrative buildings and structures of the national park).

Main purpose and tasks:

  1. preservation of natural complex of Braslav group of lakes as a historically developed landscape and the genetic fund of vegetation and fauna, that is typical to the Belarusian Poozerie;
  2. preservation in a natural state unique natural complexes and objects, located on the territory of the National Park «Braslavkie Ozera» and biological and landscape diversity;
  3. organization and implementation of environmental measures on the territory of national park, ensuring compliance with the established regime of protection and use of the territory of national park;
  4. organization of environmental education, public education and popularization of the environmental protection.
  5. organization of tourism, recreation and other recreational activities, population health improvement.
  6. organization of scientific researches, related to the development and implementation of scientific methods for the conservation of biological diversity, natural, historical and cultural complexes and objects in conditions of recreational and economic use, assessment of the ecological situation in region;
  7. assistance in organization of scientific researches;
  8. organization of environmental monitoring;
  9. preservation of cultural heritage (objects of ethnography, archeology, history, paleontology, etc.);
  10. organization of economic activities and other activities due to established regime of protection and use of the territory of National Park «Braslavkiye Ozera».