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National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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Guaranteed fishing at “Mekyany”

Guaranteed fishing at “Mekyany”

Nothing emphasizes pleasant emotions about the vacation more than a quiet place on the shore of a pond. Going to the open-air cages pond economy "Mekyany" is the most pleasant way to get a decent and tasty catch. We offer a guaranteed catch - for you not to waste your time.


You will get:

- guaranteed catch;
- convinient place for fishing, campfire and rest in a friendly company;
- free visit to the open-air cages with wild animals.

 Ponds filled with carp, silver crucian and grass carp, magnificent nature and clean air guarantee a great catch and good mood. Specificly fishermen love "Mekyany" for the abundance of carp and grass carp - in our pond sometimes you can catch a truly big samples.


Make your dream about an ideal fishing on Braslav lakes come true! You will not have any regret about your choise, because your catch will be good!

General information

Pond for paid amateur fishing "Mekyany" is located in the western part of Braslav district 17 km. away from Braslav.

Pond size: 4,5 hectares

Maximum depth: 2 meters.

GPS coordinates:  N 55°39.564,  E 026°52.109

The route: From Braslav on roads P-3, P-27, heading the gas station "Krasnoseltsy", farther turning right to the highway P-3, which leads to the customs transition "Urbany". Moving to the turn on Kryky village (immediately after the Tadneft gas station),  farther turn left, keep moving for 2,5 km. on the village road to the crossroads, turning left and going approximately for 2 km. to the asphalt parking lot. 

Fishing time: 5.00 - 21.00

The price for the licence for 1 person – 10 BYN.

Main rules

Fishing is allowed with different types of rods: spoon lure, spinning, etc.
After the end of the fishing the catch is to be weighted by the personnel of the pond company. 
Terms of Lea - on the principle of "caught-released."
If you want to pick up the catch or part of it, fish is sold for 5 rubles each. per 1 kg (regardless of the type of fish)
For residents of the recreation centers of the National Park "Braslav Lakes" (upon presentation of a copy of the contract with the indicated periods of residence or payment order), a 50% discount.
For children under the age of 16, the cost of the permit is free.
Fishing is allowed only from the shore of the pond.
Cars must be parked on a distance from the pond.
The place after fishing must be clean. Litter is to be thrown in garbage collectors.
In case of breaking the rules given above, the personnel of the National park and representatives of the inspection of protection of animal and vegetation world have the right to stop You and impose a fine.
Buying a license means knowing and accepting given rules.

-Use any nets of any size for catching.
-Use pike poles.
-Swimming in the pond.
-Use of any musical tools and instruments in a regime of high volume, bothering other fishermen.
-Parking of personal vehicles out of parking lots.
-Car washing.
-Making campfires out of the special places.
-Pets swimming and washing in the pond.
-Polluting of the territory, throwing garbage in the pond.
-Putting caught fish inside your personal items, only in easily accessible inventory.

Useful tips:

- Use carp rod hooks with the short handguard (№ 6-8)

- Baits – corn, pearl barley, potato. As a last resort – worm, dough. For a carp catching, is advisable to use dark color bait

- Use decent lines of 0,24-0,30 mm