National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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Safari-tour "Wild nature"

“For the last 15 years we’ve been observing the behavior of wild animals in their natural habitat. It can’t be described by any words, all these emotions, shouts of delight after an animal appears in the light of a lantern” – Sergei Tanana, leading engineer of hunting grounds. .

You will have the unique oppotrunity for visiting the most interesting places of our national park, going deep into the world of wild nature.

You will see moose, roe, fox, hare and other habitants of the national park and will have the opportunity to make a photo of them.

The program of the trip:

1. Meeting a guide, brief instruction
2. Ride on an all-wheel car, observing wild animals (during night-time with the use of the headlights)
3. Returning after the sunset

*In case of having a group of 9 it is possible to organize a picnic outside

Period of time: whole year
Duration: 3 hours
Maximum amount of participants in a group:  3 people per 1 guide

    In price included:

  • Guide service;
  • Driving by a car;
  • Using of the binocular Yukon 12x50 WA;
  • Using of the lantern.
Price: 88,70 BYN for a group of 4.

Preliminary registration is needed by the phone: +375 (2153) 67707.