National Park Braslavskie Ozera

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Fishing with a guide

Fishing with a guide

Welcome to fishing with a guide on a comfortable motor boat “BRIG” GREY F 500L equipped with four-cycle motor of 50 horsepower. Braslav Lakes – the cleanest lakes in Belarus, full of fish of different and rare species - is a truly pearl of Belarusian Lakeland!

Amount of people

Price for each person


1 person


2 person (from each one)


In price included:

  • Renting of the motor boat with a guide – 4 hours;
  • Exclusive fish catching on the lakes of the National park “Braslavskie ozera”;
  • Accompanying by and consulting from a fisherman-guide.
  • The universal fishing license that gives the right to: a “usual catching” (with a rod, spinner, feeder), spoon lure fishing with the use of a motor-boat, catching on life bait – for 1 day.

In fishing grounds of the national park “Braslavskie ozera” it is permitted: catching with tackles which are permitted by the Rules (float catching, rod catching, spinning, spoon lure catching, feeder, etc.). It is allowed to catch not more than five kilos for 1 person during 24 hours and + one fish if its weight including total weight will be more than five kilos, or just one fish if its weight is more than 5 kilos.

Paid objects for amateur fishing are all fish species and water invertebrate dwelling in water grounds of the national park “Braslavskie ozera” excluding species that are included in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus: river lamprey, crayfish, sterlet, brown troat, trout, thymallus, common barbel, etc. Eel catching is prohibited completely.

The minimal fish size allowed (cm):

Coregonus – 40;

Pike – 40;

Ide – 25;

Tench– 22;

Burbot– 36;

Asp– 34;

Sichel– 24;

Pike perch – 40;

Catfish – 70;

Chub – 25;

Sazan – 20;

Grass carp – 40;

Our fishermen say, not to miss their luck:
"no tails, no scales!"