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Arbors on Lake Drivyaty

    Lake Drivyaty

Custom tourist parking is located on Lake Drivyaty in a mixed forest.

Designed for 20 people

It is equipped with: two arbors, a canopy, a toilet, a masonry, a fireplace with benches, a canopy for firewood.

Coastline:t is covered with sand, mainly coastal-aquatic vegetation with a sandy bottom. depth begins after 10 m. predominantly 

The access to the tourist parking runs along forest and field roads (about 7 km from the turn from the main road). There may be problems with access, we recommend using a car with a high clearance. GPS coordinates 55°35'10.6"N 27°01'44.4"E  Directions from the P27 road (Vidzovskoe direction), behind the bridge - turn left (onto Ratskiy Bor), then follow the signs directly (near Dukeli village)

The responsible person for the order and supply of firewood is Braslav Forestry.

Price per day:
Sunday -Thursday* - 96,00 BYN
Friday - Saturday** - 120,00 BYN 


* The price is valid Sunday - Thursday (since 1 pm) except holidays and pre-holidays.

** The price is valid Friday - Saturday, holidays and pre-holidays.
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